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man xcodebuild (справка по команде)

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     xcodebuild -- build Xcode projects


     xcodebuild [-project projectname] [-activetarget] [-alltargets]
[-target targetname] [-parallelizeTargets]
[-activeconfiguration] [-configuration configurationname]
[-sdk < sdkfullpath > | < sdkname >] [buildaction ...]
[setting=value ...] [-default=value ...]
xcodebuild -version [-sdk [< sdkfullpath > | < sdkname > [< single item >]]]
xcodebuild -find < binary > [-sdk < sdkfullpath > | < sdkname >]
xcodebuild -showsdks
xcodebuild -list
xcodebuild -help

     xcodebuild builds a target contained in an Xcode project.

Run xcodebuild from the directory containing your project (i.e. the
directory containing the projectname.xcodeproj package). If you have
multiple projects in the this directory you will need to use -project to
indicate which project should be built.

By default, xcodebuild builds the first target listed in your project,
with the default build configuration. The order of the targets is a prop-
erty of the project and is the same for all users of the project. The
active target and active build configuration properties are set for each
user of the project and can vary from user to user.

-project projectname
Build the project specified by projectname. Required if there are
multiple project files in the same directory.

Builds the user's active target.

Build all the targets in the project.

-target targetname
Build the target specified by targetname.

Only perform the action on the specified target(s), not on any tar-
gets upon which they depend. This option only applies to the
'clean' action.

Build independent targets in parallel when possible. With distrib-
uted builds or multiprocessor machines, this can cause projects
with many simple targets to build substantially faster. This
option only applies to targets with target dependencies.

Use the user's active build configuration when building the target.

-configuration configurationname
Use the build configuration specified by configurationname when
building the target.

-sdk < sdkfullpath > | < sdkname >
Build an Xcode project against the specified SDK, using build tools
appropriate for that SDK. The argument may be an absolute path to
an SDK, or the canonical name of an SDK.

Lists all available SDKs, including their canonical names suitable
for use with -sdk.

buildaction ...
Specify a build action (or actions) to perform on the target.
Available build actions are:

build Build the target in the build root (SYMROOT). This is
the default build action.

installsrc Copy the source of the project to the source root

install Build the target and install it into the target's
installation directory in the distribution root

clean Remove build products and intermediate files from the
build root (SYMROOT).

Set the build setting setting to value.

-find binary -sdk < sdkfullpath > | < sdkname >
Print the absolute path to binary in the context of sdk. If the
-sdk argument is not provided, find uses the value of the build
setting SDKROOT, if set. Returns EINVAL if a valid SDK could not be
determined. The search order is the usr/bin directory in the SDK,
the bin directory in the SDK, then each of the paths specified by
the PATH environment variable. Returns ENOENT if the requested
binary could not be located in any of the searched directories.

NOTE: 'xcrun -find' is preferred because it caches the resulting
find; xcrun uses xcodebuild to populate its cache.

Display version information. When used in conjunction with -sdk,
the version of the specified SDK is displayed, or all SDKs if -sdk
is given no value. Additionally, a single line of the reported
version information may be returned if specified.

Set the user default default to value.

Lists the targets in the project. Does not initiate a build.

Disable distributed building. Overrides the distributed build set-
ting stored in the user defaults by the Xcode preferences panel.

Enable distributed building and search for build machines using
Bonjour. Build machines are added dynamically during the build as
they are discovered. May be used alone or in conjunction with
-buildhosts or -buildhostsfile.

Do not search for build machines using Bonjour. Overrides the Bon-
jour distributed build setting stored in the user defaults by the
Xcode preferences panel.

-buildhosts hostlist
Enable distributed building and set the list of build machines to
the space separated list given in hostlist.

-buildhostsfile hostsfile
Enable distributed building and set the list of build machines to
the contents of hostsfile. hostsfile is a text file containing
build machine names, one per line.

Displays usage information for xcodebuild.


     xcodebuild clean install

Cleans the build directory; then builds and installs the first
target in the project.

xcodebuild -target MyTarget OBJROOT=/Build/MyProj/Obj.root

Builds the target MyTarget putting object (intermediate) files in
one directory and the products of the build in another directory.

xcodebuild -sdk macosx10.4

Builds an Xcode project against the Mac OS X 10.4 SDK. The
canonical names of all available SDKs can be viewed using the
-showsdks option.

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